Villa SP

Previous Next Villa SP   Villa SP is the implementation of small house on the countryside. The form of the house evolves around the economic use of space. The ground floor contains the living spaces and is designed as an open floorplan. It is zoned by steps creating a horizontal differentiation. Part of the ceiling […]

Villa C-UB

Previous Next Villa C-UB   The building develops alongside the lines of the sloping terrain as a split level type villa. This mode of organization reacts to the topographical situation of the building ground and in further consequence responds to the spatial needs of the family and its individual members. The arrangement and the programming […]

Community Hall “A Lannen”

Previous Next Community Hall “A Lannen”   Located on the edge of a slope overlooking the town of Osweiler, the building mediates between the site and town as well as between the different programmatic needs of various groups that use the community hall for events and festivities. Partially embedded in the hillside, the building is […]

House JMJ

Previous Next House JMJ   The design of the house is conceived as a metamorphosis of traditional forms which comply with local building regulations. The result of this process becomes especially appreciable in the interior of the home. The otherwise typical spatial division of ground and upper floor is overcome by an airy living room […]

Loft conversion SyJ

Previous Next Loft conversion SyJ   Upward extension of a narrow row house in Luxembourg City by adding an attic. The usable floor space of the house is extended by means of two additional levels, which provide extra living and working space. Gradations in the roof surface and a slight distortions of the floors allow […]

Pavilion Desom

Previous Next Pavilion Desom   The pavilion Desom in Remich, Luxembourg serves the presentation and tasting of wine. The first floor contains a wine shop, a bar with kitchen, restrooms and storage facilities, and a large seating area. The pavilion is situated between the Mosel River, the vineyards, and the home of the Desom family. […]

Pavillon Source Bel Val

Previous Next Pavillon Source Bel Val   Design of a thematic pavilion by FORM SOCIETY in cooperation with artist Serge Ecker. The exhibition of the pavilion addresses the history of the again unearthed mineral spring of Bel Val in Luxembourg. In the late 19th and the early 20th centuries the water of the spring has […]