Cultural Center “A Gadder” Competition 2. Prize

„A Gadder“ is a small cultural institution consisting of a historical museum and a cultural center used for various activities. „A Gadder“ also houses the archives of the town of Belvaux. The task of the competition was to design an extension to the existing buildings to accommodate new attractions. The extension includes new spaces for the archive and additional attractions such as a puzzle museum, educational facilities and access to a dry toboggan run. The dynamic form of the building responds to the site, the building code, and the heterofunctional program. The idea for the new building was to serve as a distributor to access the various attractions. While structuring the building itself, the paths and visual axes through the building connect the different programmed areas and outdoor activities from a central point.

Client: Commune de Sanem

What: Culture

Where: Belvaux, Luxembourg

When: 2014

Status: Competition 2. Prize

Design Team: Daniel Grünkranz, Panajota Panotopoulou.

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