Villa SP


Villa SP is the implementation of small house on the countryside. The form of the house evolves around the economic use of space. The ground floor contains the living spaces and is designed as an open floorplan. It is zoned by steps creating a horizontal differentiation. Part of the ceiling is opened up to extend the space vertically and to reveal the dynamic flow of the roof line. The top floor contains the private rooms with an adjoined terrace. On the ground floor, a terrace is extending the living room into the green. Here, a curtain wall works as sun and wind protection and is used to hold off mosquitos.

Client: Private

What: Housing

Where: Colbette, Luxembourg

When: 2017-2021

Status: Built

Ecology: Air source heat pump and solar thermal energy system

Design Team: Daniel Grünkranz, Panajota Panotopoulou

Structural Engineering: Schroeder & Associés SA

Energy Engineering: Energeia Solutions

Photos: Serge Ecker

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