Public Club House Greiveldange


The new building of the Greiveldange public clubhouse replaces the existing building, which was no longer up to date. The two-storey building is used by various local associations as meeting room and archive space. The main hall with the adjacent bar is used for events and as a rehearsal room for the local music ensemble.

The shape of the buildings is defined, on the one hand, by the location of the site at the intersection of several streets, which tapers the building site, and, on the other hand, by the intended functionality of the main hall. The topography to the south of the building is designed as a terraced public space. The club house and the adjoining public space are part of a new local center that will also include social housing in the future.

Client: Commune de Stadtbredimus

What: Culture

Where: Greiveldange, Luxembourg

When: 2019-

Status: Under construction

Ecology: Solar and geothermal energy supply

Design Team: Kirsten Bour, Tom Diederich, Daniel Grünkranz, Panajota Panotopoulou

Structural Engineering: Schroeder & Associés SA

Building Physics: Siegel Schleimer

Ingénieurs-conseils s.à r.l.

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