Lebach 2030, Competition 1. Prize


FORM SOCIETY and Ernst & Partner landscape architects have won the invited competition for the redevelopment of the town center of the city of Lebach in Germany. Our concept “Shared City Lebach” provides for design as well as strategic measurements aiming for the revitalization of the town center as a diverse, multifunctional and intergenerational quarter. Rebuilt in the 1970s as modernist assemble, today the town center, the pedestrian zone and the adjacent areas are lacking spatial organization, programming, identity and amenity value. In order to improve this situation, our project offers a scheme for the transition into a “shared city” or a collectively used town center while considering the existing potentials of the area. The project emphasizes innovations in program and design, as well as future trends in housing needs, environmental awareness and forms of mobility. Two major cornerstones of this concept are ecologization and the support of sharing economies

Client: Stadt Lebach

What: Revitalization strategy

Where: Lebach

When: 2017

Status: Competition

Design Team: Serge Ecker, Daniel Grünkranz, Tijana Ostojic, Panajota Panotopoulou

Landscape architecture: Ernst & Partner

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