Villa C-UB

On 6. November 2020 by Daniel Grünkranz

The building develps alongside the lines of the sloping terrain as a split level type villa. The mode of organization of the residence reacts to the situation of the building ground and in further consequence responds to the spatial needs of the family and its individual members. The arrangement and the programming of the levels act as generator for the formal articulation of the building.

Where: Luxembourg
When: 2016-2020
What: Residence
Ecology: Wood chip heating system
Client: Private
Status: Built
Team: Panajota Panotopoulou, Daniel Grünkranz
Photos: Serge Ecker

Villa C-UB, plan drawings.

Villa C-UB, plan drawing and section.

Villa C-UB, elevations north and east.

Villa C-UB, elevations south and west.

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