Community Hall “A Lannen”

On 30. Oktober 2020 by Daniel Grünkranz

Located on the edge of a slope overlooking the town of Osweiler, the building mediates between the site and town as well as between the different programmatic needs of various groups which use the community hall for events and festivities. Partly embedded in the hillside, the building develops as a continuum constituted by the central hall for 200 people, the generously designed foyer, and the glazed front allowing for an open view towards the town and generating the main visual connection. The building envelope establishes a continuous exterior interface incorporating the inner cubature and reacting to external conditions.

Bauhärepräis OAI 2020
Prix Spécial Courage maître d’ouvrage

Where: Osweiler, Luxembourg
When: 2013-2017
What: Cultural building
Ecology: Solar and geothermal energy supply
Client: Commune de Rosport
Status: Built
Team: Daniel Grünkranz, Panajota Panotopoulou
Art: Serge Ecker
Photos: Serge Ecker

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