The Luxembourg Story. Future Outlook

On 8. Mai 2017 by Daniel Grünkranz

How will the urban conglomerate of Luxembourg City develop in the future? On May 5th 2017, the Historic Museum of Luxembourg City has opened a new permanent exhibition following 1000 years of Luxembourg’s evolution. With a research project, concerning the future development of Luxembourg, FORM SOCIETY has contributed to the exhibition by generating information in order to present an outlook. Luxembourg’s position in transnational and global contexts as well as the predicted demographic growth point towards major transitions. An essential tool in coping with these changes is the new city’s zoning plan. The exhibition explains its realization and functioning. Furthermore, its future effects will be shown by means of a large model. Four screens inform visitors about the substance and design of upcoming projects, lights point on the model at the implementation sites. Completed projects will be included into the model which represents the transformation of the city over time.

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