Tracing Transitions. Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016

On 15. Oktober 2016 by Daniel Grünkranz

Exhibition curated and designed for the Luxembourg pavilion under the commission of LUCA (Luxembourg Center for Architecture). Tracing Transitions addresses the problem of housing currently occurring in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as aspects for a possible transformation of the situation in the future. Luxembourg’s contextual framework imposes immense difficulties on the evolution of affordable housing and sustainable urban development. This situation bears distinct phenomena of the built landscape. Tracing Transitions has traced and captured some of these phenomena in order to generate a spatial assemblage for the exhibition through data processing, reproduction techniques and mapping. This way, the visitors of the exhibition have been able to get in touch with context, the resulting problems, but also with progressive approaches to the housing debate offering the possibility of a better future.

Where: Venice, Italy
When: 2016
What: Culture
Client: LUCA
Status: Removed
Team: Daniel Grünkranz, Panajota Panotopoulou
Cooperation: Claude Ballini, Serge Ecker
Photos: LUCA – Matteo de Fina



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