„City Parquet“. Pedestrian area renewal Ingolstadt

On 21. April 2015 by Daniel Grünkranz

In corporation with YEWO landscapes, FORM SOCIETY entered the competition for the renewal of Ingolstadt’s main pedestrian area. The project gives a new meaning to the existing pedestrian area located on the historic east-west-axis in the city of Ingolstadt. The idea is to create a public living room for the residents and visitors of Ingolstadt. The interplay of specially programmed areas and zones open for flexible configuration create an attractive district within the inner-city. A variety of different attractors evolve along the pedestrian road. By this means, the public space and its border areas – comprising shop windows and displays of commercial facilities – boost and complement each other. The unique characteristic of the public space is enhanced through a new pavement consisting of large-sized elements. Its pattern sets a difference to the pavement surfaces of the surrounding streets. The pedestrian area receives a unique characteristic which reflects the emotional and the functional meaning of the east-west-axis. The design concept is orientated towards the image of a parquet floor. This “city parquet” ties the space together and it acts as a base for placing the street furniture, facilities and features. It is further the stage for special occasions like festivals, etc. The design tends to affect not just the people on site. Its structure becomes also visible in the realm of digital media like Google Earth. The recall value of the new east-west-axis of Ingolstadt extends therefore into the virtual space.

Illustrations by YEWO graphics.

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