Attraction Center „A Gadder“ Belvaux, Competition 2. Prize

On 13. Juli 2014 by Daniel Grünkranz

FORM SOCIETY has won the second prize on the competition for the Attraction Center in Belvaux, Luxembourg. “A Gadder” is a cultural institution comprising a historical museum and a cultural center that is used for various activities. “A Gadder” also holds the archive of the town of Belvaux. The task of the competition was the design of an extension to the existing buildings and the creation of an attraction center. The add-on building contains new spaces for the archive and for additional attractions like a puzzle-museum, educational facilities and the access point for a dry toboggan run. The dynamic shape of the building answers to the complexion of the building site, building regulations, and hetero-functional conditions. The idea of the new building is that of a distributor. Its paths and visual axes establish accessions to the different programmed areas and the outdoor space from a central point while structuring the building itself.


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