Wine Pavilion Desom. Remich. Luxembourg

On 29. April 2013 by Panajota

The wine pavilion Desom in Remich, Luxembourg serves the presentation and tasting of wine. Its main floor consists of a wine shop, a bar with kitchen, restrooms and storage facilities, and a large seating area. The pavilion is situated between the Mosel River, vineyards and the home of the Desom family. The pavilion has a distinguished appearance: its front opens up towards the river, the main road and the public space while the building at the same time affiliates the lines and edges of the natural and built context. The large glass façade intensifies the relation between the river promenade and the inner space of the pavilion. The terrace in front of the building generates a generous space to approach the building. It invites people to enjoy the wine tasting in relation to an appealing scenery. The overall rectangular form of the building is deconstructed by taking into account the topographical characteristics of the surrounding landscape. The materiality of the building follows materials used in the production of wine: the wooden barrels and tanks made of stainless steel. A notable technical feature of the pavilion is the movable awning, which can be automatically removed and hidden behind elements of the façade.

Project team: Form Society and Pit Kuffer. Interior design by Anne and Isabelle Schweitzer.


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