Nordbahnstadt. Vienna.

On 27. April 2013 by Daniel Grünkranz

The project proposes a new city quarter including housing, offices, shops, schools and other public facilities next to an inner city railway line in Vienna. The plan follows the concept of the Compact City that ensures the preference of pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well as public transportation in opposite to individual car traffic. Two axes constitute the main connection of the area to the surrounding and the layout for the development of public space. A chain of smaller squares along the yellow and the blue axis supports the public space more generously. The blues axis develops into a promenade and boulevard with a rich mix of shops, small businesses and medical offices located on the ground floor. Planted sidewalks for pedestrians and cyclists offer space to stroll, shop, look and stay. The project seeks for an attractive and lively city quarter as well as the prevention of situations of an “urban rear” regarding the areas next to the railway line and its noise barriers. This line is followed on both sides by green corridors including paths for pedestrians and cyclists connecting four underpasses. Towards these corridors, the buildings are opening up to generate yards and meeting points of the private and public domain. They offer space for social interactions and recreational activities.

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